As of October 18, 2021

BOOTH 22: AMETEK NSI-MI introduced the world to microwave antenna measurement systems and is the preferred global supplier of antenna, radar cross section, and radome measurement solutions. Today, our innovative products, systems, and services lead the industry in setting new standards for tomorrow’s performance. From world-class in-house testing facilities to delivering revolutionary turnkey systems, we provide the highest quality measurement products on the market. We are a one-stop shop for any RF measurement requirement and our staff of technical experts will design and build the optimal system and enclosure with complete system integration. Our full range of standard products and custom systems are backed by our long-standing commitment to precision-engineered accuracy, reliability, and lasting performance. Test with Confidence™ at AMETEK NSI-MI.

Booth 44: The National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST) is the proud host of the 44the Annual AMTA Symposium on October 9-14 in Mile High Denver, Colorado.  Our venue for the 2022 AMTA Symposium is The Westin Westminster with Colorado’s breathtaking Rocky Mountains as a backdrop.  It is ideally situated between Boulder and Denver, providing convenient access to downtown area attractions as well as abundant outdoor recreation activities.  The AMTA annual symposium is the premier conference dedicated to the field of antenna, RCS and other related measurements.  Plan to attend AMTA 2022 to keep up on the latest industry trends, developments, and product offerings!

Pre-Convene D: Anechoic Solutions – New, repurposing or relocating your chamber, we provide the best solutions for your chamber needs.

Booth 29: Advanced Test Equipment Rentals (ATEC) is a leading test and measurement equipment rental company that provides short and long-term rental solutions to the aerospace, defense, semiconductor, communications, consumer electronics, and EMC industries, as well as many others. Our extensive inventory, knowledgeable customer support, and next-day shipping make renting test equipment easy. See us online at www.atecorp.com or call 800-404-ATEC (2832)

Booth 19: AP Americas is one of the leading global manufacturers of anechoic chambers and shielded rooms for various applications in EMC, antenna testing, 5G, wireless and high-frequency technology. Our successful solutions are based on the vast technical knowledge and expertise of our team, from sales to execution. We feature the Emerson & Cuming advanced WAVASORB® absorbers for a quality and high performing solution. AP Americas Inc., www.apamericas.com

Booth 25: Started in 1981, APS FireCo is a recognized leader in fire protection with unmatched inspection, service, design, and project installation capabilities. We are your single source for fire alarms, fire sprinklers, fire extinguishers, special hazard fire systems and more. APS FireCo has 25+ years designing, installing, and maintaining fire systems in the Anechoic Chamber industry sustaining a strong relationship with 3rd party authority having jurisdictions and property insurance companies satisfying the client’s needs. We work with end-users from our five regional operating office locations in Oklahoma and Texas, along with our domestic and international special hazard affiliate network.

Booth 5: The Benefield Anechoic Facility (BAF) is a uniquely large anechoic chamber that provides comprehensive, robust and scalable radio frequency tests and evaluation infrastructure with the capability to ensure weapons system survivability and mission effectiveness for the DoD, industry (military and commercial) and our allies. In addition, we provide laboratory facilities and modeling and simulation capabilities that include man-in-the-loop simulators, hardware-in-the-loop labs and digital integrated air defense M&S. Lastly, we offer invaluable resources and technical expertise as uniquely required for each customer and their specific program.

Booth 3: Chamber Services, Inc. Product/Services Description
Chamber Services, Inc. is a forward – thinking, Anechoic Facility Design, Construction and Services Company committed to delivering the highest level of service and superior quality products to valued customers.
Our services include Anechoic Chamber Design, Consultation and Construction. Including Architectural, Modular and Welded RF Shielded Enclosure Installations/Relocations, RF Shielded Enclosure Maintenance, RF Absorber Material Removal/ Installation, RF Absorber Material Maintenance, RCM and Pneumatic RF Shielded Door Installation and Maintenance, Zinc and Copper Coatings Flame Spray Service.
Chamber Services Inc. association with the leading RF Shielding and RF Absorber manufactures provides a factory direct source for RF Shielded Enclosures, RF Shielded Doors, RF Absorber Materials, Power and Signal Line Filters, Waveguides, Pipe Penetrations, Custom Test Fixtures, Portable RF Absorber Panels and much more.

Booth 15: CompuQuest, inc provides custom, high quality instrument control, data acquisition, and signal processing software, emphasizing radar cross section (RCS) and antenna measurement applications. The Quest series of data acquisition systems contain drivers for controlling hardware devices ranging from obsolete network analyzers to the latest Agilent PNA systems. CompuQuest data analysis systems process and display data from an industry-wide selection of raw data files. CompuQuest works closely with many radar manufacturers, including ECS Federal, Quarterbranch and MI Technologies, to add unparalleled realtime capabilities to the industry’s top radar systems. This product base, and extensive hardware and software backgrounds, makes CompuQuest uniquely qualified to handle the needs of the measurement community.

Booth 7: Delta Sigma Company’s capabilities include engineer-to-order factory automation, RCS and antenna measurement systems, and cutting-edge mixed reality. We use an agile approach to project management to ensure your manufacturing challenge is solved, while keeping you informed every step of the way.

Booth 12: dB Absorber specializes in precision manufacturing of high performance broadband anechoic absorbers for RF and Microwave applications in a variety of configurations. Our singular focus on producing the highest quality material on the market means that we pay close attention to the quality of the manufacturing process as well as testing and certification requirements.

dB Absorber offers a full range of carbon loaded RF and microwave absorber products in flat sheet, pyramidal, wedge and convoluted surface configurations. They are most commonly used to cover electrically reflective structures in the path of RF energy to eliminate unwanted reflections. Applications include EMC measurements, antenna pattern measurements, radar applications and others.

Booth 6: EA Elektro-Automatik has been producing state-of-the-art Programmable DC Power Supplies and Electronic Loads since 1974 and is the number one brand in Europe for bidirectional supplies and regenerative loads. EA’s Autoranging power supplies lead the industry in output power flexibility, density and operating efficiency. In 2018 EA opened its North American Subsidiary in San Diego, California to bring the same high performance, superior quality power supplies and loads into the North American market for local sales and support. EA Elektro-Automatk power solutions are used in many industries and applications, including manufacturing, research and development, automotive and e-mobility, telecommunications, battery and fuel cell energy storage systems, and more, in both legacy and emerging markets. EA is a global company with offices in Europe, Asia and North America providing worldwide sales and support. For more information, visit www.eapowered.com in the Americas or www.elektroautomatik.com

Booth 34: ETS-Lindgren offers innovative EMC, Wireless, RF Microwave test systems, including far-field, near-field, and compact range chambers for RCS and antenna measurement testing. Our global customers represent the automotive, defense/aerospace and wireless industries who value our decades of experience, the convenience of our turn-key systems, and the support provided by our team of over 800 professionals worldwide. Wireless Systems – including our Compact Antenna Test Range (CATR) – enable 5G, OTA, and MIMO testing of mobile/mmWave devices. Our automotive hybrid test chambers for full vehicles enable EMC and antenna measurement testing. Quality components include high performance RF and Microwave absorber, plus multi-axis positioners, among others. Our standard and custom antennas set the industry standard. ETS-Lindgren is known for industry leading software, including EMQuest™ software for fully automated antenna pattern measurement for passive antennas and active wireless devices. TILE!™ software provides automated EMC testing that is hardware independent and supports most EMC instrumentation available today. Services include calibration at our A2LA accredited lab and wireless testing at our CTIA Authorized Test Lab (CATL). ETS-Lindgren also offers education and training services on EMC, Wireless, Software, EMP, and MIL-STD test and measurement applications. For more information visit our website at www.ets-lindgren.com.

Booth 42: Visit us at the EuCAP 2022 stand to know about plans for next year’s European Conference on Antennas and Propagation, which will take place in the amazing city of Madrid, Spain, from March 27th to April 1st 2022. EuCAP 2022 will go back to the classical format having the opportunity to exchange of knowledge and experience and to invigorate the field with young and senior engineers from everywhere. The focus for 2022 will be the link of antennas and propagation with new terrestrial and satellite communication networks. Looking forward to seeing you in Madrid!

Booth 27: Keysight Technologies, Inc. is a leading technology company that helps its engineering, enterprise and service provider customers accelerate innovation to connect and secure the world. Keysight’s solutions optimize networks and bring electronic products to market faster and at a lower cost with offerings from design simulation, to prototype validation, to manufacturing test, to optimization in networks and cloud environments. Customers span the worldwide communications ecosystem, aerospace and defense, automotive, energy, semiconductor and general electronics end markets.

Booth 10: The Microwave Vision Group (MVG) is a premier supplier of antenna measurement and EMC testing solutions. OUR MISSION : To support the leading edge of advancing companies with the most innovative test and measurement solutions. Dedicated to the Aerospace & Defense, Satellite, Telecommunications, Automotive, EMC&CE industries as well as research institutes, we are the one-stop shop for turn-key systems, solutions and services for near-field and far-field antenna measurement, compact range, RCS and radar, 5G OTA test solutions, and EMC testing. MVG brings together the technical expertise, product portfolios and infrastructures of four industry leaders: SATIMO, Orbit/FR, AEMI, & Rainford EMC. MVG is the natural choice for clients seeking complete, fast, accurate and reliable testing and measurement solutions.

Booth 1: Next Phase Measurements (NPM) is a California-based US company with a management team comprised of pioneers in the industry, recognized all over the world, for their experience and innovation in antenna measurements. NPM is also the distributor and Value-Added Reseller (VAR) across both American continents for Antenna Systems Solutions, a leading supplier of antenna measurement systems. NPM provides state-of-the-art positioning equipment, antenna design and manufacturing, near-field/compact antenna range systems, microwave anechoic chambers and contract research to the worldwide Aerospace, Defense, Commercial, Automotive, Wireless, Academic and Research markets.

Booth 16: Since 1992, OphirRF has been designing and manufacturing High Power RF/Microwave Amplifier Systems and Modules for Defense Applications, EMC, and Test & Measurement purposes. Our capabilities include broadband, multi-octave amplifiers from 10 KHz to 40 GHz. Power ranges up to thousands of watts are achievable CW, and pulsed power in the tens of thousands of watts are no problem. All OphirRF Amplifiers are made in the USA. Contact us with your most difficult requirement!

Booth 13: Planar Monolithics Industries (PMI) has been in business for over 31 years as a manufacturer of electronic components for defense applications. Since its founding in November 1989 by Dr. Ash (Ashok) Gorwara, PMI has become a leading supplier of High Reliable, Low-Cost Systems offering unique innovations in RF, Microwave Components, and integrated Assemblies from DC to 63 GHz. Most recently, PMI was acquired by Quantic Electronics that will lead a team of Technocrats and Management experts that possess the technology and talent to develop unique products for applications in space, military, communications, telecommunications, commercial, and consumer electronics systems.

Booth 4: PPG Cuming Microwave Corporation is an ISO 9001:2015, US manufacturer of C-RAM® RF/Microwave absorbers, C-STOCK® low-loss dielectric materials, and C-SHIELD™ conductive materials, serving military & aerospace and commercial market segments for over 40 years. Cuming Lehman Chambers, a wholly owned subsidiary, provides project management and installation of newly constructed anechoic chambers, host facilities, and specialty test boxes. When your project calls for a retrofit, refurbishment or relocation of an existing chamber our expert staff will guide you through all of the considerations. We are ready to hear about your project! Call 717-263-4101 or point browsers to www.cuminglehman.com www.cumingmicrowave.com

Booth 38: QuarterBranch Technologies, Inc. was founded in 1998 to provide technical support and design services to the Radar Cross Section measurement community. Today, we have grown into the premier provider of these systems and support services. Our flagship system, RadarMan™, is the industry leading high-speed, broadband pulsed-IF radar system covering up to 0.1-40GHz.

Booth 30: Quarterwave Corp. is a manufacturer of traveling wave tube amplifiers. These amplifiers are used is a variety of applications including: a) Special purpose radar test systems, b) Microwave telecommunication relay systems, c) Electromagnetic interference (EMI) test equipment, d) University, industrial and commercial laboratory use. Some of the company’s products are used to measure the stealth characteristics of various targets such as aircraft, tanks and ships. The performance of the amplifiers enables customers to make very accurate measurements. The significance of these measurements relates to the fact that as targets are designed to become more invisible to radar, the measurement system to prove the design results requires higher sensitivity.

Booth 28: Raymond EMC Enclosures specializes in the design, fabrication, installation, and testing of custom radio frequency shielded enclosures and anechoic chambers for military, government, high tech, medical, and industrial applications. Serving clients throughout North America, we view our clients as partners and strive to understand not only their technical requirements, but also the functional pressures and obligations they are under. We pride ourselves on being an industry leader in product quality, performance and innovation while providing unmatched client care and product support throughout the design, fabrication, and installation process. For project estimates and to chat with our experts, visit raymondemc.com.

Booth 39: Resonant Science’s comprises of world class experts in integrated electronics. Resonant Sciences has designed and built revolutionary technology in RF cancellation, concealed communications, interference mitigation, navigation, GPS, and Alt-PNT. The team specializes in electronic architecture design, breadboard building, board design, and ASIC chip standup. Resonant facilities contain an electronics lab, 60-foot anechoic chamber, pick and place machine, and numerous pieces of specialized test equipment. Resonant’s team also has significant experience supporting down range installations and flight testing. The combination of experience and support infrastructure has led to world class hardware and software, multiple production products, and fully fielded systems.

Booth 17: As a strategic partner of the wireless communications industry, Rohde & Schwarz has supported the rollout of new technologies and standards with a complete, unmatched portfolio of test and measurement instruments and systems for every stage of the wireless design cycle – from new technology standardization, product design and production to the integration of new technologies into network operation. Our products help all market players – chip designers, consumer equipment and infrastructure suppliers, test houses, network operators – to bring their solutions to market quickly and with the quality and performance their customers expect.

Booth 08: STAR Dynamics Corporation has an extensive history within the international, defense-related Research Development, Test and Evaluation (RDT&E) community, leveraging a product legacy of ultra-wideband (UWB) RCS/Imaging and precision Time Space Position Information (TSPI) tracking Instrumentation Radar systems. Established in 1988, STAR Dynamics was built on innovation of state-of-the-art electromagnetic technology. With a strong pedigree of more than thirty years of development, manufacturing, sales and aftermarket support of high-technology radar systems, STAR Dynamics is now globally recognized as the industry leader of these instrumentation systems for both commercial and military applications. STAR Dynamics is also registered with the U.S. Department of Defense as a Veteran-Owned Small Business (VOSB), which has facilitated the company to expand its instrumentation technology base within the international defense community. STAR Dynamics is focused on providing the best support possible to its domestic and international customers, and investing in development of future technologies to maintain market superiority.

Booth 14: Manufactures mechanically adjusted, remotely tuned, frequency optimized HF/VHF Yagi, Vertical and Dipole antenna systems for Commercial, Military, Emergency Communications and Consumer markets; Specific areas of focus include High Frequency Trading, Electromagnetic Compatibility (EMC) testing and Amateur Radio; In addition to our standard products, SteppIR Communication Systems offers turnkey services, including custom design and build projects and onsite assembly/installation.

Booth 40: TDK RF Solutions is a world leader in the design, development, and manufacture of technical solutions for the electromagnetic compatibility testing and antenna measurement industries. We offer a complete range of solutions including automated test systems, TDK anechoic chambers, RF absorbers, antennas, software, and a wide range of test products. We call it Total System Technology®, and it means TDK RF Solutions is your best choice of partner for proven solutions and services backed by internal technical expertise. If you are in the market for a complete turnkey solution or looking to expand your test capabilities with a new antenna, contact us to see what TDK can do for you.

Booth 26: Virginia Diodes Inc. manufactures state-of-the-art test and measurement equipment for mm-wave and THz applications. These products include Vector Network Analyzer, Spectrum Analyzer and Signal Generator Extension Modules that extend the capability of high performance microwave measurement tools to higher frequencies. VDI’s component products include detectors, mixers, frequency multipliers and custom systems for reliable operation at frequencies between 50 GHz and 3 THz. VDI components include in-house fabricated GaAs Schottky diodes and Microelectronic devices; visit www.virginiadiodes.com.

Booth 37: Y.I.C. Technologies makes EMC and Antenna near field scanners which connect to a spectrum analyzer and a desk top PC running a copy of EMScanner Software. The EMScanner system operates from 150 kHz to 8 GHz and delivers repeatable and reliable results that pinpoint the cause of a design failure in seconds. See 3D heat plots in near real time.